About Us

Our Mission:

"To know Christ...

In worship, God reaches down and lavishes us with His gifts of Word and Sacrament. As His children,
we reach toward one another, growing together as brothers and sisters in Christ through fellowship and study.

... to make Him known"

By the power of the Holy Spirit, we reach out to our neighbor to fulfill God's will for us and to proclaim the Good News of salvation in Christ.

Located in central Greenwich, First Lutheran Church is a member congregation of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod (LCMS) and located within the New England District (NED). The Pastor and members of First Lutheran hold to the Christ-Centered, biblically based and Sacramentally focused teachings of the Lutheran faith as taught in the Holy Scriptures and explained in the Book of Concord.

We are committed to the pure preaching of God's word and the right administration of the Scraments, teaching all people the Christian faith, and liturgical worship consistent with our Reformation heritage. We preach Christ crucified, risen and reigning for the salvation of the whole world.

Our Service

We follow the basic order of service that is familiar to Christians from many backgrounds and nationalities. Our service is printed in our weekly bulletin and is based on the services contained in the Lutheran Worship hymnal. For those who are familiar with the hymnal, we typically vary our services on a monthly basis, cycling through the three different "Settings" of the Divine Service.

Your Children

Your children are important to us.  Parents have the option of keeping their children with them in church or utilizing our nursery room where parents may listen to the service remotely while their children play.

Can I take Communion?

Holy Communion is central to Christian worship. The Sacrament is offered in the Lutheran church on every Sunday and festival day. It is the gift of the very Body and Blood of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sin, and it is also a sign of our unity in the faith. We ask that new visitors speak with the pastor before receiving communion.